Nursing homes fined for errors by staff

We all want what is best for our parents and to try to give them the love and attention that could even begin to match the care they gave us when we were young. For some people, this may mean putting elderly loved ones in a nursing home, hoping and assuming that they will take better care of our parents than we are able to do at home. Unfortunately, nursing homes often fail to provide a reasonable standard of care an families suffer tremendously as a result. The Connecticut State Department of Public Health fined four nursing homes after they made errors in taking care of their patients this year. One nursing home was fined after a resident choked on a three-inch lasagna noodle. The resident's care plan included directions to monitor the resident while eating and to ensure small bites are taken, but while the aide was helping another person, the resident began choking. Another nursing home was fined for two separate violations, including a medication error. The…

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