Number Of Nuplazid Patient Deaths Reported To FDA In Just The Past Two Years Causes Alarm In Drug Safety Circles

This Relatively New Parkinson's Disease Drug Already Been Implicated In Hundreds Of Death Cases, While Only Being On Market Since 2016   (Posted by Tom Lamb at   Two years ago the FDA approved Nuplazid (pimaveanserin) as a new kind of antipsychotic drug which is intended to treat hallucinations, delusions, and other symptoms of psychosis among patients with Parkinson’s disease. Reportedly, for this particular medical condition there is a patient population numbering in the hundreds of thousands with a typical onset around age 65. A report about Nuplazid published in the November 1, 2017 edition of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) QuarterWatch, however, has raised some serious concerns about the safety of this still relatively new Parkinson's disease drug. Building upon that 2017 ISMP QuarterWatch report, more recently CNN covered this emerging drug safety issue in this April 2018 news story, "FDA worried drug…

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