Now is the Right Time to Pursue a Business Administration Degree

Let’s talk business. Even now, in today’s turbulent global economy, companies—from the best-known multinational firms to the locally run neighborhood restaurant—need employees with the essential technical and workplace skills required to operate effectively as professionals right out school.

What can you do with a business degree?  Unlike some specialized fields of study, a business administration degree equips you with a broad-based and balanced education. Earning an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration prepares you to work in a variety of industries, including entertainment, advertising, marketing, finance, technology, and professional services in a range of functional areas, including project management, public relations, operations, administration, sales, and accounting.  And, of course, you can start your own business. 

You’ll encounter a challenging and dynamic business landscape once you earn your degree in Business Administration. In an increasingly global marketplace, change is the only constant. We’re no longer a dull gray cubicle nation; the 21st century is ushering in accelerated digital transformation and the long-term value of green initiatives, as well as an appreciation of a diverse workforce, and a tradition of entrepreneurial risk taking.

Today’s dynamic business environment demands a different college student from the environment just a few years ago.  An increasing number of prospective students are now unable or unwilling to put their jobs, families and lives on hold to complete their education.  They may want to change their careers or advance in their current career, but they want a faster option to a new career than the traditional two- and four-year college programs.           

The demand for qualified and competent business people will continue to be strong for the next 20 years brought on by the 78 million baby boomers who start retiring in 2011. The youngest baby boomers will reach retirement age in 2029.

A Smarter, Faster Way to Earn a Degree

To address the need for faster, smarter, career-oriented educational degrees, Fremont College located in Cerritos, CA, has taken an innovative, research-driven approach that offers an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration in just 15 months or less – designed to take traditional college career programs and optimize them for an accelerated schedule.

At the core of Fremont’s strategy is the hands-on, highly advanced approach to learning – Professional Action Learning Embedded with Industry TM (PAL).  With PAL, students learn by asking questions, working in teams, debating with friends and networking with instructors and industry professionals.  Integral to PAL is how the school successfully bridges the gap between the classroom and the workplace, teaching the skills students need to win the job they’ve always wanted and preparing them for their first day of work.

The Fremont Associate’s Degree in Business immerses students in the subject matter; they see and experience what they’re learning.  Fremont’s students and faculty embrace PAL, enjoy coming to class and have excellent learning outcomes.

Another valuable benefit of Fremont’s education is its flexibility.  With courses in marketing, finance, leadership, teamwork, and communication, the program equips graduates to function in a variety of industries.  Recently, the College added courses in E-Tailing, search-engine optimization, and social networking to prepare students with the technology skills demanded by today’s cutting-edge businesses. 

Whichever career path you choose, a Fremont Associate’s Degree in Business Administration will develop the creative and analytical mindset needed to take on the challenges you’ll encounter in the modern work place.

In the business of taking business classes, you won’t find yourself just listening to lectures and taking notes. A top-notch college like Fremont College will instead teach you to develop your problem-solving skills and think analytically, addressing new trends and issues, i.e., What does it take to be a green business? How will the Internet continue to influence business delivery models? Will the U.S. continue its market dominance?

“Instead of sitting on the sidelines, watching things happen, I actually acquired the skills I need to make my ambitions come true,” says one Fremont College graduate. “I’m ready to maneuver in today’s corporate marketplace.”

For more information about earning an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, visit, or call 877-344-2345. Fremont College is a southern California-based college dedicated to bridging the gap between the classroom and the workforce.

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