Not Another Winter Storm! Car Accidents in the Snow

It’s March. Winter should be on it’s a way out, right? Well, that simply hasn’t been the case. New Jersey has endured some of the season’s worst weather as we welcomed March in with inches upon inches of snow and damaging winds. What’s worse is that it’s been snowing all day. And, maybe even more snow could be coming! With all of this snow, our state’s roadways have been quite dangerous to traveling motorists. As the snow falls, we urge that you consider staying off the roads if at all possible to let the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) do its job. Governor Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency yesterday and urged drivers to stay off the interstates and highways. But if you do end up driving in the winter weather, keep these things in mind: Drive slowly and be cautious Increase your distance between other motorists Accelerate and decelerate slowly Don’t use cruise control Know your vehicle’s brakes Fuel…

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