“Not a country for subbers”: the inclusion of subtitles in movies vs the enforcement of authors’ economic and moral rights

Netflix and (copyright) chill? The 1709 Blog is delighted to host the following reflections by friend Federica Pezza (Hogan Lovells) on films, subtitles and … copyright (what else?).Here's what Federica writes:"It’s Friday night, you had a pretty bad day at work and – why not – it is raining outside. Still, while heavily lying on your sofa, you cannot stop smiling. You are watching your favourite TV series on Netflix, while holding a lovely popcorn family bag and sipping your favourite beer.Life is wonderful, isn’t?Also our daily copyright story is about Netflix and TV series. However, no Popcorn is involved (this time). So, for a deeper understanding, you’d better throw your family pack away and take some Mexican nachos instead. Plus, no matter what series you are watching right now, just turn subtitles on. As you might have guessed, this is a story which starts in Mexico and directly gets to the Academy Awards. Main…

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