North Korean Embassy Raid in Madrid Leaves Us with More Questions than Answers

On February 22, 2019, 10 masked individuals broke into the North Korean embassy in Madrid. They tied up the eight people present at the embassy, placed bags over their heads, and, in some cases, beat and interrogated them. The group paid particular attention to Yun Sok So, an official in the embassy’s economics department. They not only beat him, but continuously pressured him to abandon North Korea. The assailants also stole a number of items, including pen drives, computers, and hard drives. One embassy employee managed to escape during the lockdown, screaming from outside to attract the attention of others, and eventually, the police. Yet when the police knocked on the embassy’s front door, they met what looked like a North Korean diplomat, who informed them that nothing was wrong. The police left, allowing the group to continue their raid. Approximately five hours after their arrival, the assailants fled the scene, stealing vehicles from the embassy only to…

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