No Protest of CIO-SP3 SB Order Below $10 Million, Says GAO

A CIO-SP3 SB contract holder could not protest the award of a task order to a competitor because the order was valued at less than $10 million. In a recent bid protest decision, the GAO confirmed that civilian task order awards–including those under CIO-SP3 SB–generally cannot be protested unless the value of the order exceeds $10 million. The GAO’s decision in AMAR Health IT, LLC, B-414384.3 (Mar. 13, 2018) involved a task order RFQ issued by the Department of Health and Human Services.  HHS issued the RFQ as part of the CIO-SP3 SB Government-Wide Acquisition Contract. After evaluating quotations, HHS initially awarded the task order to AMAR Health IT, LLC at a price of nearly $14 million.  Zolon Tech Inc., an unsuccessful competitor, ultimately filed two GAO bid protests challenging the award to AMAR.  In response to the second protest, the HHS conducted discussions and evaluated final quotations.  The HHS then awarded the task order to…

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