Nielsen v. Preap, Supreme Court Ruling 2019

In a new case earlier this month, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Nielsen v. Preap that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can detain convicted immigrants after the alien is released from criminal detention. The wording of the ruling has left immigration advocates and civil rights groups alarmed at its vagueness; when does release from criminal detention begin? Is it right after leaving criminal detention? Or does it mean that at any time (months, years etc.) after an immigrant is released following a criminal conviction, they can be detained? While civil rights groups are looking into follow up litigation to create parameters for a potentially extreme ruling, the Powers Law Group advises immigrants and residents alike to abide by the laws governing their status and to remain mindful of certain crimes of moral turpitude (e.g., an aggravated felony) which could potentially result in the revocation of such statuses.    If you are…

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