New York State's Military Law provides certain benefits to a public employee "deployed on military service" before completing his or her probationary period

The Appellate Division reversed Supreme Court's denial of the CPLR Article 78 petition filed by a New York City police officer [Petitioner] seeking reinstatement to her position after the New York City Police Department [Department] terminated her employment as a probationary police officer.Petitioner was appointed as a probationary police officer in July 2012. In February 2014, before her two-year probationary period had been completed, Probationer was placed on "restricted duty," after the Department became aware of facts suggesting she had not disclosed certain aspects of her medical history, diagnoses and treatment on application forms and her term of her probationary period was extended. In August 2014, while Petitioner was on "restricted duty" and still serving as a probationary employee, she was deployed on military duty and was placed on military leave by the Department. While Petitioner was on such military leave, the Police Commissioner…

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