New York State Driver and Out-of-State Traffic Ticket – What Now?

True story. While in Idaho visiting my sister, her and I decided to drive to California to see Mom and Dad. I had been driving for about 10 hours and was about 50 miles from my destination when I was pulled over by a California police officer. For nearly the entire trip the speed limit was 75 miles per hour and in a small narrow section of the highway the speed limit dropped to 50 miles per hour and I had not noticed. Needless to say, the officer gave me a speeding ticket. The issuance of that ticket raised a lot of questions, but no answers. Such as, I have a New York driver license, will this California traffic ticket have an effect on my car insurance? Will any points transfer to my NY driving record? Not knowing what to do, I paid the ticket and took a NYS safe driving course hoping that would do the trick. Surely many other drivers have the same questions I asked when issued an out of state ticket. The good news? There are answers! Will points be added to my NYS driving…

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