New Web-based Licensure System – Texas Unified Licensure Information Portal (TULIP)

Provider Letter : PL 18-15 – Texas Unified License Information Portal (TULIP) is a new web-based licensure system designed specifically for licensed long-term care providers it will begin on Sept 4, 2018. All licensure applications will be electronic, including those for initial licenses, renewals and changes of ownership. The provider letter out lines  important dates and information related to TULIP’s benefits and features, as well as instructions for making a successful transition to TULIP. According to HSS, TULIP will replace paper licensure applications for all provider types regulated by long-term care regulatory services (ALF, DAHS, HCSSA, ICF/IID, NF, and PPECC), including: Assisted living facilities Day activity and health services facilities Home and community support services agencies Intermediate care facilities for individuals with an intellectual disability or related conditions Nursing facilities Prescribed pediatric extended care centers…

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