New Treatment for Cerebral Palsy: M2 Macrophage Transplantation Improves Motor and Cognitive Function

Cell transplantation is a promising new avenue for treating cerebral palsy (CP). Previous research has shown that stem cell therapy can help children with cerebral palsy; a study published this month indicates that treatment with macrophages may also be effective.  Essentially, macrophages are cells that can repair damaged brain tissue and blood vessels, thereby enhancing neurological functions such as motor control and cognition. Cerebral palsy is primarily defined as a motor disability, but many children with CP also have cognitive impairments. Treatment with macrophages may be able to improve both issues. New Cerebral Palsy Research from the Journal of Neurorestoratology Methods Elena Chernykh and colleagues in Novosibirsk, Russia treated 57 children with intrathecal administration of autologous M2 macrophages. They used M2 macrophages specifically because of their high regenerative potential and anti-inflammatory activity. The children all had severe cerebral palsy;…

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