New Law Review Article on Marine Spatial Planning and Ocean Governance

Marine spatial planning and ocean governance is a very hot issue these days. Professor Robin Craig from Florida State University College of Law posted an upcoming law review article on the subject, entitled: Ocean Governance for the 21st Century: Making Marine Zoning Climate Change Adaptable. It is available on SSRN here. More and more Americans are living near the coastline. Those coastlines are prone to shifting boundaries, erosion and are susceptible to changes in the climate. There are increasing uses of the oceans, both in terms of global trade and in terms of natural resource utilization. As such, the United Nations and the federal government are interested in better governance mechanisms to manage those uses and resources. One such effort is the President's Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force. Professor Craig's article reviews both international and national level ocean governance trends and provides examples of marine spatial planning. The well thought-out and in depth article is a must for policy makers.

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