New DOJ Policy Purports to Prevent Piling-On of Penalties

By Anne K. Walsh & Rachael E. Hunt — Rather than rolling out the red carpet, DOJ has been highlighting with little fanfare a policy that could prove to be a powerful negotiating tool for companies in the government’s crosshairs. First announced by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein here, and later reinforced by Acting Associate Attorney General Jesse Panuccio here, DOJ seeks to bring all relevant government actors together when resolving multiple investigations involving the same misconduct. DOJ’s new policy “encourages coordination among Department components and other enforcement agencies when imposing multiple penalties for the same conduct.” Given that a single incident can subject a company to federal, state, and administrative penalties, DOJ’s policy could help provide requisite certainty to regulated industry. The DOJ policy invokes the familiar football term “piling on,” a situation when multiple players continue…

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