New Cert Petition: Fifth Amendment Requires California To Spread The Cost Of Wildfire Inverse Condemnations To Ratepayers

Remember that Christopher Nolan movie from a few years ago, "Inception," with its dream-within-a-dream storyline? Well, that's what a recently-filed cert petition which asks the U.S. Supreme Court to jump into California's inverse-condemnation-liability-for-wildfires issue reminds us of with its taking-within-a-taking argument, as detailed in the Question Presented: Whether it is an uncompensated taking for public use in violation of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments for a State to impose strict liability for inverse condemnation on a privately owned utility without ensuring that the cost of that liability is spread to the benefitted ratepayers. Let's see if we are keeping the argument straight: it's a taking to hold a private entity which possesses the delegated power of eminent domain liable for a taking for burning down private property unless the utility is also entitled to pass the cost of any taking judgment on to those who benefit from…

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