Nervous about your 1L oral argument? Ditch the ‘fake it till you make it’ mantras and just do you

So, you recovered from your 1L fall semester, binge-watched Netflix over Winter Break, processed your first semester grades, and returned to school in January somewhat refreshed and ready to tackle a new semester of classes. You eased into your legal writing class, perused the syllabus, and noticed: ORAL ARGUMENT ASSIGNMENT. Wait, what? If the thought of delivering an oral argument ignited a prickly case of hives or an urge to grab your backpack and run, this blog post is for you. I was an introverted and socially anxious law student. I loved reading, researching, and writing, but the Socratic method of classroom instruction gave me a daily migraine. At the end of my 1L year, I muddled through my oral argument by developing a spontaneous hair twirling tic. I’m also an epic blusher, and hiding behind an oppressive turtleneck and scarf didn’t help. Somehow I ended up as a litigator in a hard-core construction litigation firm. Daily I thought, if I could just…

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