Need Another Expert? Here’s How to Augment Your Expert Designation

When you need another expert to support your client’s case or there’s a change in the general substance of a  previously designated expert, you’ll need to move to augment or amend your expert witness declaration. The requirements for the moving party’s declaration, the court’s findings, and the additional procedure of lodging expert witness information in court are as follows: Declaration The motion to augment or amend must be accompanied by a declaration, stating facts showing: A reasonable and good faith attempt at an informal resolution of each issue presented by the motion; and That the motion to augment or amend was made promptly after deciding to call the expert witness or to offer the different or additional testimony; Or Copies of the proposed expert witness information on the expert or the testimony required by CCP §2034.260(c) were thereafter served promptly on all other parties; and The moving party wouldn’t in the…

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