Neck and Back Injury: What is Average Paid For a Car Wreck?

If you have been involved in a car or truck accident, you need answers to these important questions: Can you get a good recovery of money to pay your damages? Should you hire a personal injury lawyer? Will you have to testify at a trial? If you are like most people who have been in a vehicle crash, you have probably suffered a neck and back injury. We know how you must be feeling. Your neck and back injury hurts 24/7 and is ruining your life. You have restricted movement and can’t sleep. Going to work or taking care of the kids is difficult, if not impossible. Your stress will be compounded because you are incurring medical bills which are sometimes enormous. You won’t have a car because it is being repaired or you might be underwater and lose money if it has to be totaled. And you will lose even more money if you can’t work. it’s frightening. Having more pain and less mobility and money is a terrible experience for anybody to go through. We at…

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