Nation’s only History Book Festival returns to Lewes, DE — Sept. 28th & 29th

I had the great privilege of presenting at the 2017 History Book Festival. It was an absolute delight. The organizers and hosts were extraordinarily hospitable, the events were well attended and lively, the audience was bubbling over with questions. Overall, it was a terrific and memorable experience. Great start! And, to top it off, the town of Lewes is lovely. — Geoffrey Stone, Sex & the Constitution: Sex, Religion, & Law from America’s Origins to the Twenty-First Century (2017) ___________________________________________ The nation’s only History Book Festival returns to Lewes, DE., for its second year. History Book Festival Speakers Friday Sept. 28th & Saturday Sept. 29th KEYNOTE (Friday Evening Sept. 28th / tickets here)  — Blanche Wiesen Cook  Eleanor Roosevet: The War Years & After, 1939-1962 (vol. 3) → Interviewed by Paul Sparrow, Director of the FDR Library → Musical accompaniment by…

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