National Bike Month: Bike Safety in Nashville

It is National Bike Month and the fantastic weather is practically begging cyclists to hit the road, so it is a great time to look at bicycling in Nashville and the rules of the road for bicyclists and motor vehicle operators.   So how is Nashville doing in terms of biking safety and biking accidents?  According to the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization on biking, in terms of bicycle safety, only 56% of our roadways score a C or better for bicycle safety.  Think about that statistic this way:  a C is the equivalent of a correct answer on a test, and Nashville only got a C on  56% of its answers.  Overall, that is a failing grade, and we can do better.  In fact, other cities with roughly the same size population are doing better. I recently saw an article comparing bicycling habits and accidents in both Nashville and Portland, Oregon as both have roughly the same size population.  Portland has taken federal highway…

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