My Wildly Biased Choices For Best Posts Of 2017

Readers got their say earlier when I showcased the 10 most popular new posts on Bankruptcy Soapbox for 2017. Today, I’ve collected a few of my favorites:  posts that touched subjects important to me and hopefully,  important and useful to you. How Bankruptcy Changes Your Life Those considering bankruptcy too often see it as surrender, and willingness to accept a reduced financial life going forward.  Not so.  I look at things bankruptcy changes and things where change is up to you.  Color your future as you wish.   My Home Is My Retirement Equity in your home may add to your net worth, but it’s a poor substitute for retirement savings.  Surrounded as I am  by extraordinarily expensive housing, I still maintain that you need cash savings to fund your old age.   What Are Banks Really Doing With Your Mortgage Payments? Get a look at your home loan balance and you may be horrified to see where your payments have gone. …

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