Mr Justice Carr grants TQ Delta injunction after finding ZyXEL "holding out" in latest SEP battle

The only effective way to injunct the AmeriKat"Injunction, injuntion, what's your function….?"  For those who, unlike the AmeriKat, did not grow up on Schoolhouse Rock, that joke won't make any sense (see video here), but it is a question that is being asked across Europe's court rooms, especially in the context of telecoms litigation.  Last week, the AmeriKat was unable to make her flight to attend a fascinating conference on this topic in Germany (reports of the event to follow thanks to some Kat friends).  It was only too bad that the event was not held after the latest decision of Mr Justice Carr in the TQ Delta v Zyxel saga was published.  The decision – [2019] EWHC 745 – was published on Thursday, although the high level ex tempore decision was made on 18 March 2019 at the Form of Order hearing which followed the judges's earlier decision of 11 March that one of the two SEPs owned by TQ Delta ("the…

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