Moving to Arkansas. Do I have to register as a sex offender?

The very short answer to this is: it’s complicated.  Let us figure it out for you. If you’re supposed to register, but you just don’t do it because you don’t know if you have to, you can still be prosecuted for not registering.  Don’t chance it. Let us look into your case and tell you whether you have to register. How do I know if I have to register? There is a specific statute in Arkansas that requires sex offenders moving to Arkansas to register. If you had to be registered in the place you’re moving from, you have to register here within seven days of moving.  The trick is that the law about this in other places can change a lot, and you likely should hire an attorney to look into what the current requirements are in the state you’re moving from. Here’s why this is important: This is just an example of what happened in one case, and how we fixed it: The client didn’t have to register when he was convicted…

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