Moving On Up: Tips for Choosing a Stellar Office Location

It’s no secret most people don’t like moving and an office move is no different. The packing and unpacking, negotiating leases and searching for the perfect spot is never fun. But, leases expire and firms outgrow their space so sometimes it’s unavoidable. Although I can’t help you with the actual logistics of moving, I can help you identify and choose the best office location. First things first. The location you choose is absolutely, positively crucial. I repeat, crucial.  Two important factors to consider: You need to be within 20 minutes of where your client base resides and it should be easy for people to find your office. Now to make this a little easier on yourself, you might consider working with a commercial real estate agent. Not only can they tell you what the rent will be like in various areas but they can also find specific locations in town that fall in your criteria and would be of interest to you. In addition, they can even view the…

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