Motorcyclist (David Lloyd Rocky) Dies in Accident on U.S. 1 (Watch Out for Motorcycles)

Watch Out for Motorcycles! This is a bumper sticker seen on vehicles in North Florida and the rest of the State. Unfortunately, many automobile accident / motorcycle accidents lead to the death or serious personal injury of the motorcyclists. One such motorcycle accident was reported in Flagler County Florida on U.S. 1. The Florida Times Union reported that David Lloyd Rocky (age 67) was northbound on U.S. 1 when Julia Ann Tucker drove her Nissan XTerra from a stop sign to cross the highway and then proceed South. Mr. Rocky collided with the driver's side door of the Nissan XTerra. While Mr. Rocky was wearing a helmet, the force and trauma from the crash caused fatal injuries and Mr. Ricky was pronounced dead at the scene of this Florida motorcycle accident. See Flagler County Florida Motorcycle Accident Reported – Florida Highway Patrol Responds to the Accident Scene.

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