More than just a game – IP and interactive entertainment

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending the Queen Mary University of London More Than Just a Game Conference London IV.The afternoon panel on IP was chaired by Ros Lynch (UK IPO).The speakers gave a wide variety of perspectives on IP and interactive entertainment from the publisher and developer point of view as well as from the UK and US legal perspective.Juliette Auverny-Bennetot (Paradox Interactive) discussed the ownership of IP in the gaming industry and getting the balance between developers and publishers right, particularly the importance of retaining sequel rights. She noted that self publishing has led to a more comprehensive contractual negotiation as developers have more options.  In her experience, while in the past developers would immediately sign a 60 page agreement, nowadays they are much more picky and less willing to sign without at least some push back. Juliette noted that this is ultimately in everyone's interests as developers enter…

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