More Kardashian Drama: A Legal Fight Over Ownership of the Kimoji Emoji Set–Liebensohn v. Kardashian (Guest Blog Post)

by guest blogger Gabriella Ziccarelli [Eric’s introductory note: I have made a personal life choice to ignore the entire Kardashian enterprise and their constant and often faux drama (except that I have occasionally mocked the Kardashians in my law school exams). I’ve decided that life is short and I should invest my limited energy and attention only into people who truly deserve such a precious resource, and none of the Kardashians, or anyone in their orbit, come close to clearing this standard. As a result, before today, the term “Kardashian” has only appeared on the blog 3 times out of over 3,300 posts, and never as the central focus of a post. That streak ends today, but for good reason. The Kardashian drama factory is at the epicenter of a rare and fascinating legal dispute over emoji ownership. That’s compelling enough that I’m holding my nose and handing over the blog reins to emoji law expert Gabriella Ziccarelli to grok…

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