Montana Advisor Jed E. Tinder Barred from Securities Industry

Securities Investigation – Jed E. Tinder According to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the regulator has permanently barred Jed E. Tinder of Missoula, Montana, from the securities industry. In August 2017, FINRA reportedly began an examination into whether Tinder conducted outside business activities, participated in private securities transactions, engaged in sales practice violations, or otherwise acted in violation rules or federal securities laws while he was registered with FINRA through Western International Securities. FINRA staff reportedly sent separate requests to Tinder for him to provide information and documents. In a letter to FINRA staff dated October 26, 2017, Tinder allegedly informed FINRA that he would not produce the documents requested by FINRA. During correspondence with FINRA staff, Tinder also allegedly confirmed that he would not produce the documents requested by FINRA, purportedly informed FINRA that he would not provide any further…

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