Mixed Signals

You have to pick a door. Any dooris fine. Except the wrong door.Lillie v. Dept. of Labor, 2018 VT 66By Andrew Delaney Have you ever ended up in trouble for doing something you were told to do? I’ve been married a few years now, so I know I have. Mr. Lillie knows what that’s like. He got burned at work. This isn’t a joke. He worked for a propane company and he actually got burned. He continued to work but at a limited capacity. A few months later, he got fired for an alleged safety violation. Due to his work injury, during this same time period, he was taken out of work by his doctors. While there was some dispute about his worker’s compensation eligibility, he went to the Economic Services Division (ESD) to try to get some financial help. ESD told Mr. Lillie to apply for unemployment if he wanted to receive any benefits. So Mr. Lillie did as he was told. Those of you that have some experience with how unemployment works might be thinking,…

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