Mission Critical at the Department of Defense now includes Climate

On August 13 the President signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019. The $716 billion H.R. 5515, authorizes appropriations for the Department of Defense for procurement of everything from aircraft, missiles, ammunition, shipbuilding and space defense to military installation construction; and is arguably the most significant environmental legislation enacted anywhere this year. On page 627 of the 1,360 page bill, for the first time there is a section entitled, “INCLUSION OF CONSIDERATION OF ENERGY AND CLIMATE RESILIENCY EFFORTS IN MASTER PLANS FOR MAJOR MILITARY INSTALLATIONS.” In military speak, ‘‘the term ‘energy and climate resiliency’ means anticipation, preparation for, and adaptation to utility disruptions and changing environmental conditions and the ability to withstand, respond to, and recover rapidly from utility disruptions while ensuring the sustainment of mission-critical…

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