Misc – talking about Fitness, new section 21 notice, and leasehold shenanigans

This will be a busy few weeks for me on the Homes(Fitness for Human Habitation) Act. On the off chance that anyone wants to hear and question me and others on the Act, here are some dates and details: 15 May 2019 – HLPA meeting, with Steve Lawrence of the Health and Housing Group. 6.30 pm. HLPA members only, Waterloo, London. Details here. 16 May 20189. National HMO Network Conference. From 9.30 am. City of London. Part of a full day conference. Details here. 23 May 2019 – SHLA event, with Karen Buck MP, Michelle Glazebrook and Andrew Dymond. 6.30 pm. City of London (and video links to Birmingham, Manchester and Exeter(!)). Details here. 13 June 2019 – LAG Housing Law Conference, with Karen Buck MP and Catherine O’Donnell (and much more and many others).  From 9 am. University College London. Details here. What is more, the sixth edition of what is now called “Housing Conditions: tenants’ rights is in print and available now! Co-authored…

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