Mind your manners: Commonsense rules for everyone in today’s legal workplace

Get ready to navigate the fast-changing social terrain— during your summer externship, at your first off-campus interview, at a clerkship, or as you transition into your first “real world” job after your final semester—with these helpful tips from fellow students and legal professionals. 1. Think…and think again. Think about and rethink what you’re about to say before you say it. Once it’s out, you can’t take it back. 2. Back up. No weird back rubs or shoulder touching from behind while someone is sitting in a chair. Also, no to just standing behind someone’s chair staring over their shoulder silently. It’s a very vulnerable position. 3. Don’t mansplain. Men, listen to women. Don’t interrupt or talk over them in meetings. Don’t assume you know more than they do, and don’t try to “educate” them unless they ask for help. 4. Pregnancy isn’t a bad word. Don’t…

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