Millions of Actos Patients Show: Risk of Bladder Cancer Significant

What do more than 1,000,000 diabetes patients have in common? They were all prescribed Actos (pioglitazone) and participated in a wide-ranging study which definitively showed that the medication designed to protect them from the risks of diabetes exposed them to fatal risks of bladder cancer. The study found that when taken beyond one year, Actos patients experienced a considerable spike in the likelihood that their pioglitazone treatments would cause cancer cells to develop in their bladder. These Actos findings led the FDA to issue a disconcerting warning this summer as well as leading countries to ban Actos all together. Has your physician spoken to you about the risks associated with your Actos prescription? If you remain unaware about the risks of Actos, the time to learn about them is now! Fortunately for the victims of Actos, the leading attorneys at Fears Nachawati are preparing a lawsuit designed to protect their rights. If you suffer from Actos-related injuries, including bladder cancer, you should contact our experts immediately. For your free consultation, call us at 1.866.545.8364 or email

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