Millennials Saving the Divorce Rate

Millennials have oft been blamed for ruining things – but are they now saving the divorce rate? Are Millennials Saving the Divorce Rate? According to a new study, it appears millennials may be the reason behind why the divorce rate across the nation is actually dropping. Philip Cohen, a professor at the University of Maryland, has found that from 2008 to 2016, the U.S. divorce rate dropped by 18 percent and that “the overall drop has been driven entirely by younger women.” The study notes newly married women are now “more likely to be in their first marriages, more likely to have BA degrees or higher education, less likely to be under age 25, and less likely to have own children in the household,” which Cohen writes can all impact how likely a couple is to stay together. There are many factors that contribute to a marriage being successful or unsuccessful or even happening in the first place. As a whole, millennials often wait longer to get…

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