Miami cruise-ship accidents: when the unexpected happens

Crimes and accidents occur even during vacations on cruise ships and the victims can be both passengers and crew members. If crew members are usually better informed and aware of their situation, common passengers will deal with a great number of problems after an accident.
What to do after a Miami cruise ship accident
If you have been involved in a crime or accident aboard a cruise ship there are some practical tips you should follow:
• Report the accident immediately to the ship security officer
• Get medical help either in the ships infirmary or of the ship
• Take photos of the accident scene and conditions
• Get the names of the passengers and crew members who witnessed the incident
• Get the names of personnel who assisted you
• Obtain written statements from the witnesses
• If a serious crime has been committed report it to the FBI
• Contact an experienced personal injury attorney
Why do I need a lawyer?
Cruise ship crimes are hard to prosecute. If a crime occurs on board a foreign vessel there will more than one country that has jurisdiction: the country which registered the vessel, the country in which waters the crime occurred, the US, if there was one of their citizens involved and the state government where the vessel began or finished the trip. If however the crime occurred in open sea international treaties can also apply. According to maritime law dangerous and safe means something else on open sea than it does in inland and even court procedure varies.
Beyond that cruise ship tickets usually contain fine print which forces injured people to pursue their claims in Miami, even if they live in another part of the country. Considering all that it is more than recommended for the victims to hire an experienced and determined Miami cruise-ship attorney, in order to obtain the full amount of compensation they are entitled.

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