Mesothelioma Survivor Mike Mattmuller Continues to Advocate for an Asbestos Ban

In October 2011, at the young age of 29, what Mike Mattmuller thought was just shortness of breath turned out to be a devastating diagnosis: Mike had a rare and aggressive cancer known as mesothelioma. That same year, Mike was one of approximately 3,000 Americans diagnosed with this incurable form of cancer caused by asbestos exposure. The news hit Mike and his wife, Jessica, hard. Upon diagnosis, many mesothelioma patients have a bleak prognosis, with often only 12 months or less to live. This is due to the fact that many mesothelioma patients are not diagnosed with the disease until it is in its later stages. The onset of mesothelioma is subtle, and sometimes even doctors have trouble separating its mild initial symptoms from that of the common cold. Mike is not like most other mesothelioma patients, however. Unlike others with the same disease, Mike’s prognosis looked better: He was young and relatively healthy, and therefore his body was arguably more prepared to take…

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