Melt in Your Mouth, Not Up Your Nose: A Warning to Snorting Chocolate

By: Heaven Bassett. It’s 2018, and humans have accomplished amazing feats, from launching a Tesla into orbit to cloning monkeys. For the good or bad, science is progressing. With each moment of success, I’m awed by the vast potential of Earth’s occupants. Then, I’m assigned a subject by my editor that forces me to type out the words “Snorting Chocolate.” Come on, people. I am not in the best position to judge chocolate consumption, nor would I turn my nose up at freely offered candy; however, if that said candy was built to skip my taste-buds on the track to my stomach, I’d delightfully refuse. No matter how much of a hardcore chocoholic I am. Now that my initial opinion is known about this candy-feasting blasphemy, let’s take a first-person point-of-view trip back to how this unusual fad started. And yes, people do actually snort chocolate and have for a while now. Snorting Chocolate – An Odd History It’s 2016, in…

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