Medical Migration? Medical Tourism? Medical Exile? Whaaaaaa?

Three random topics.    Or    so    I    thought.1. Medical Migration?  A former employee of the Johns Hopkins Health System has accused the System of violating state and federal regulation by admitting out-of-state patients in preference to Maryland residents.  In other words, the Hospital is “migrating” out-of-state patients into Maryland.Maryland sets an annual global budget for each of its hospitals.  The federal government also participates in the regulations, by requiring that the hospitals comply with the state-set budgets.  I suppose the feds’ interest is that they finance Medicare and share in the financing of Medicaid.  But the global budgets apply only to residents of Maryland.  Hospital revenues from out-of-state patients – “medical migrants” – are outside the global budgets and thus produce unregulated additional revenues for the…

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