Measuring Your Marketing Performance

Posted by Roslyn Drotar, Client Relations / Strategic Planning INTEGRITY MARKETING SOLUTIONS Let's face it, measuring the ROI of your marketing efforts is difficult. In fact, it's so difficult that most of the time we can't quantify it, so it's the first thing we consider cutting back on when we look at the budget and all the dollars we've dumped into it. There isn't anyone in marketing that doesn't wish there was some scientific formula we could hand out to help defent that. You simply cannot look at marketing as a "cost." It must be looked at, and more importantly thought of as an INVESTMENT. It's an investment in you and all that you do, and the services you provide, and getting that message in front of people. Then suddenly there is a shift in the thought process. According to Bloomberg Business Week more companies are cutting costs in every corner they can, except marketing. According to the article "Making Marketing Measure Up" "…companies are increasingly shifting their dollars from TV and print ads [and investing in] the Net…" Hands down more people are online surfing the internet, and playing with social media than ever before. The best part about this is we can track and measure this with cold hard data. We can measure how many hits you've gotten per month, how many people have interacted with your blog, how many indexed pages you have, what your Google rank is. In fact, we provide a comprehensive monthly Marketing Performance Report to our Essential Solutions clients that includes five key components: 1. Executive Summary and Recommendations; 2. Detail Summary of Your Website, Blog, E-newsletter and Newsletter Activity; 3. Search Engine Optimization / Web Rank Report; 4. Google Analytics Report of Website Traffic; and 5. Google Analytics Report of Blog Traffic. And that's showing you where the rubber meets the road! It's always been difficult for marketing to give insight as to why someone buys something. What it all comes down to is whether or not they like it. But we don't always know why they like it? It's the human factor. But I do know that if your life most of the estate planning attorneys that I have had the pleasure of getting to know, you truly care about your clients and their families. So be yourself and just show what you know in your online presence and through your newsletters (yes, your going to really needs those to contact us!). Be consistent with your efforts and commit to your marketing plan. If you do, you WILL get results (and we can quantify them)!

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