ME/CFS Awareness Day

Sunday, May 12, is International ME/CFS Awareness Day, and for once there is good news. Scientists at Stanford, led by the Nobelist Ronald Davis, have discovered what appears to be the long-sought biomarker for the disease. Like so much related to ME/CFS, Davis was first motivated by a personal encounter, in this case the totally debilitating illness of his son Whitney. Unlike most relatives and patients, Davis did not need to accept the dismissiveness of doctors and psychiatrists who brushed off ME/CFS as "Yuppie flu" or the result of "unhelpful illness beliefs." As the head of the lab that pioneered the Human Genome Project, he was in a position to take the illness seriously and, more important, to do something about it.  Just two weeks ago, Stanford announced the creation of "a blood test that can flag the disease, which currently lacks a standard, reliable diagnostic test." As explained in the press release, “Too often, this disease…

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