McKeesport, Pennsylvania School District Looks to Eminent Domain

The McKeesport School District apparently thinks it can simply acquire a 26 acre tract for the new elementary school. There may be a problem when the fact finder finds far more value in the land than it being simply vacant acreage. It is unlikely to simply succeed by resorting to eminent domain. Only, when McKeesport finally attempts to ascertain fair market value will the shock arise. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette McKeesport council this month may have denied the school district's request for a conditional use permit to build the new McKeesport Elementary/Intermediate School on residentially zoned land known as the Bucks Property, but it appears the school district still plans to pursue the site. Mr. DeTorre argued that it would be better if his property was redeveloped into a housing plan that would produce tax revenue for the district. He also said the district has other sites upon which it could build. Resident Beatrice Longo said she was opposed to the eminent domain process when other alternatives are available., and former mayor Wayne Kucich said it was unfair to take Mr. DeTorre's property against his will.

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