May I See Your Papers Please – How the Immigration Law Will Create …

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  1. Flavia says:

    Well I’m white and live in an area primarily coiinstsng of recent Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans that are first, second or third generation. They were here first and the actual history was nothing more than a greedy land grab by the U.S. government. I am not anti-American at all but history is history. The Texas Rangers went all the way down to Mexico City raping, killing and desecrating Catholic churches along the way. People in America aren’t taught the full history of how it all went down. Most people from Mexico are not criminals and they certainly aren’t lazy trying to live off of the system. They are willing to do jobs that most Americans would refuse to do and this is for the sake of their families having a better life.All the anti-Mexican propaganda is part of a big conspiracy to create a new scapegoat and rekindle old prejudices. It is all bullsh*t. Most people never get to actually know the Mexican population because of their own fears and prejudices.

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