May 2018 Visa Bulletin

As we gradually approach summer, we take our monthly look at the latest visa bulletin provided by the Department of State to see where the green card final action dates have moved. Keep reading if terms such as “final action dates” and “priority dates” are new for you. If you are already familiar with how a green card works, you can go straight to the report. Dates to Keep in Mind So, if you are interested in getting a green card but have never encountered the monthly visa bulletins, here are some definitions to get you up to speed. Priority Date – This is the date that the USCIS receives your green card petition (not the date that you file it). This is the date that you should keep in mind when looking over the May visa bulletin report. Final Action Date – These dates are what you will see listed below. Each month, these dates have the potential to change. They could move forward, stay in place, or retrogress (move backward). Once the final…

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