Massachusetts Appellate Court Upholds Award of Benefits to Nurse in Back Injury Claim

Workers’ compensation cases involve many different steps and determinations, including an analysis of whether you have reached maximum medical improvement and whether you are able to pursue meaningful work in another position either in the same field or another field. As dedicated Boston work accident lawyers, we have handled many claims on behalf of injured workers and helped them to secure the outcomes that they deserve. In a recent case, the injured worker was a nurse who provided direct patient care. She suffered an injury to her lower back in 2016 when she was adjusting a patient, resulting in immediate lower back pain that radiated to her right leg. She went to the emergency room at the end of her shift. Ultimately, she did not reach a point of recovery that allowed her to return to her regular job duties, but she did return to work in a clerical capacity with reduced hours. This still caused her to experience pain, however, and required her to take more time from…

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