Marriage Law: Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

What questions should you ask before you get married? Does my fiancé like dogs? Does my fiancé replace the top of the toothpaste tube? Does he or she snore? These are important, but they’re not the most important when it comes to marriage law. Last Saturday I was blessed to officiate my only daughter’s wedding.  It was a happy festive event with all the usual celebrations associated with two young people who have never been married.  There is a line in the old Anglican marriage ceremony about not entering marriage “unadvisedly or lightly.”  The context of that phrase concerns religious issues more than legal issues, but it is an important legal question, too.  I am in a unique position in that I serve two roles in my community, one as a local church pastor, another as an estate and elder law attorney. I can tell you from experience, as age increases, no matter whether you have been married before or not, the need for…

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