Marijuana Oil and Texas Law

Vaping pens and e-cigarettes quickly have become big business in the tobacco industry. Nonetheless, some individuals have found a new use for vaping devices as a mechanism for smoking pot that tends to be far more discreet than smoking joints or using bongs. By using marijuana in oil, wax, or liquid form and placing it in a vial, users simply can drop it into a vaping pen or e-cigarette instead. The problem is, possessing even a small amount of marijuana in oil, wax, or liquid form could result in felony charges, as opposed to a small amount of loose or dried marijuana, which is typically a misdemeanor offense. Due to the differences in weight and characterization under Texas law, possession of marijuana or THC oil is likely to cause far more severe criminal charges than those for possession of marijuana in its traditional form. Marijuana Oil and Texas LawTexas law remains strictly anti-marijuana, especially as compared with the numerous states that have legalized small…

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