March Madness (3/10/2018) Hortense Sparks Wards vs. Florence E. Allen

Today’s head-to-head is between Hortense Sparks Ward and Florence E. Allen. Hortense Sparks Ward was the first woman to pass the Texas State Bar and also served as one-third of the all female Texas Supreme Court in 1925. Florence E. Allen was the first female Federal Court judge.  Which woman inspires you the most? You can vote by participating in our daily Twitter or Facebook poll, or by casting a vote at the Circulation Desk.  Happy voting! Hortense Sparks Ward-“When a woman in Texas marries today, her husband has the sole management of all her separate property and of all her interest in the community property … He may even mortgage or sell every piece of furniture in the home, and she is helpless to prevent, even if her earnings have paid for every piece. He has a right to sell her dresses if he sees fit, and she cannot prevent…” Image via WikipediaAfter working as a court reporter for a time, Hortense married an attorney and then…

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