March 2018 Visa Bulletin

Each month, the Department of State releases the final action dates for the green cards that are currently available. If you are waiting on our priority date to be current, or are not sure what final action and priority dates are, this report is for you. We will go over how the dates have moved from last month and what we can expect in future months down the road. March 2018 Visa Bulletin Dates If you are new to the green card journey, terms such as “priority date” and “final action date” my seem confusing at first. Let’s break these concepts down before diving into the March 2018 visa bulletin report so that you can better understand the significance of the dates. Priority Date Your priority date is the day that the USCIS receives your petition (not the date that you file it). You should always keep this date handy, as it is vital to the next few steps of your green card process. If you are pursuing an employment-based green card and you change…

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