Many Business Lawyers Have Excellent Schooling — But Early Hands-On Training is Often Hit-and-Miss (Part I of III)

Because there’s not much in the way of practical how-to instruction for attorneys. So there’s a big gap between their excellent formal schooling — and recent law grads’ lack of hands-on, practical job skills. This gap poses two practical consequences: Law grads who graduated from law school 4 years ago or less typically lack the skills they need to serve the client independently — i.e., without “supervision”, and   The presence of junior lawyers on legal teams usually means that the client company pays for what law firms themselves sometimes refer to as their “training”.  … About this “gap”. A few months ago I congratulated a recent graduate of the law school where I’ve served as an adjunct professor who posed the question of what it takes to become really proficient in her new profession. Her current day job? Airline captain. My reply: … “If you had learned how to be an…

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