Man Awarded $7.5 Million Following Water Melon Accident in a Store

Most of us are familiar with slip and fall accidents in which shoppers come to grief on wet surfaces in stores. However, injuries in stores can take many forms. In a recent case, a man was awarded $7.5 million following a watermelon accident in a Walmart. The case was brought by Henry Walker against a Walmart in Alabama. A FindLaw report noted he hurt himself after his foot became caught in a wooden pallet on the floor as he reached for a watermelon. He fell and shattered his hip. Walker sued the retail giant. He claimed Walmart should have known the pallet was an injury hazard. Walter’s lawyers argued the retailer failed to exercise reasonable care, to maintain and keep its store in a reasonably safe condition and omitted to warn the public of unsafe and hazardous conditions at the store. watermelon accident leads to $7.5 million verdict A jury agreed and awarded the Phenix City man $7.5 million against Walmart.  A retailer or its staff should be aware of a danger…

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